Research Training Group 1878 'Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies'

On 1 October 2013 the DFG Research Training Group 1878 'Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies' has has taken up its work, an initiative by the 'Verbund archaeologischer Institutionen in Koeln und Bonn'.

It offers 20 doctoral candidates and 3 post-doctoral candidates the opportunity to conduct research with applicants and visiting scientists within the scope of a structured doctoral study programme. The Group’s objective is to record economic systems and economic areas of premodern societies in terms of their structure, efficiency and dynamics (genesis, transformation processes through to potential dissolution) as well as to analyse their interaction with their respective physical geographic, political, societal, religious and cultural circumstances. In the process, theoretical approaches are to be discussed and examined for their applicability by means of empirical investigations. In addition, diachronic and intercultural comparisons are to be performed in order to work out common structures, cultural particularities and developmental paths. Research will be focused on three areas, ‘Economic Networks’, ‘Settlement Centres and their Environs’ and ‘Religious Institutions as Economic Units’.

For further information please see the website of the Research Training Group.